What to eat with your coffee?

It’s simple, something delicious!

A day can be started guilt free by a bite of a delicious cake and coffee. All you need to do is just to find put your favorites. Just a hint to find better cakes and snacks go well with your coffee you can name low calorie healthy slices with your nice cup of coffee.

  1. Blueberry Bar

This might to come up with a surprise but if you care about what you eat then go for low fat natural blueberry bar with your dark roast coffee cup. Blueberry has antioxidants which can help you to reduce the damage of the cells. And it will be pairs nicely with East African and North American originated coffee beans

  1. Butter croissant

If you are fan of a low acidity coffee and have a sweet tooth, undoubtedly go for croissant. And your medium roasted coffee can be a good match with vanilla and honey combs notes

  1. Chocolate

Coffee and chocolate is a heavenly taste that any mocha lover can strongly attest.  What is again a good match with your chocolate is the Peruvian and Colombian originated coffee beans that make a great match.

  1. Cheese/ cheddar

It might sound a bit weird but cheese and coffee can take you to Italian atmosphere from your room. Just a bite of cheddar goes smoothly with your bitter espresso.

Although, there are plenty of things that you can match with your cup of coffee here we want to end up list as we care about the healthy and strong taste.

Crepes, coffee cakes, carrot cake and all your favorites’ wet cakes can be served with your coffee. All coffee lovers know that a good cup of coffee can make their day but remember when and with what you can make a great day.