Drinking Coffee, empty Stomach

All coffee lovers sleep at night dreaming that they can drink their favorite cup when they wake up. And that means love. But is that a right thing to do?

It is clear to all that drinking coffee has good affection on the body and mind and it can effect your health improvements too. However, there is a one important thing we should consider while we drink coffee. Find out when is the best time to drink your favorite cup.

Drinking coffee early in the morning with empty stomach can hurt your health.

Drinking coffee with empty stomach will produce stomach acid which unhealthy for your body that leads to indigestion and burning pain in your stomach. Although coffee can decrease stress but it can have reversal effect when you drink it with empty stomach.

Normally it is better to drink coffee one hour after you wake up or at least after breakfast. Or even you don’t have the time for making breakfast, just have that in mind to eat a piece of bread or drink milk or some favorite juice to save the time and then enjoy your coffee while you are on your way to work.

Just to put our words in science, caffeine elevate the cortisol levels. And while you wake up your cortisol level is high and increasing this level of cortisol can boost your mood and cause stress. So by drinking coffee with empty stomach you will waste your favorite drink for nothing. and that is the reason we say it is better to drink coffee when the cortisol level is on the decrease (like middle of the day) or at a time that you feel a bit tired. Although, there are not a lot of studies in this regard but it is better to drink coffee at 9:30 to 11 Am, if you are an early bird.

However, if you can have time to make breakfast or you are so lucky that somebody prepare you breakfast you can drink your favorite cup while you are having your early meal.

Stress and sleeping disorder

Caffeine in coffee can increase your energy and keep you up and have positive effect on your athletic performance. However, in some people it can cause sleeping disorder too. So it is better not to drink coffee at the time of your sleep. It is better not to drink coffee 6 hours before you get sleep.

And if you are anxious or stressed you may not get any coffee drink and caffeinated drinks such as energy drinks and etc.

So if you love coffee, be careful when you call for it.