Coffee in different cultures

Coffee is one of the most fundamental beverages in socializing. Be with friends, create more bonds to others, or when you want to show your respect to somebody you can make a delicious cup for them or start a business partnership. Coffee can be always an interesting element in different situations.

There many traditional ideas in drinking coffee in different countries that made very interesting facts about this remarkable drink throughout the history.

  1. Italian

Having the nicest accent in the world and drinking a lot of coffee but in small cups. And the point is in the taste. what Italian really care is the taste and roasting method there are different traditional methods that any Italian coffee lover would rather to taste but other than the taste another important thing is with whom you drinking. Whether, you drink it with your friend at home or in a café there is only one rule, enjoy the taste and make your time. But what is very respectable in Italy is “Caffe Sospeso”. It defines when you go to a café or a bar you order two cups of espresso and drink only one, the other cup is for a person who might not have any cash to pay for the coffee, a nice respectable attitude “espresso for everyone”.

  1. Turkey

Coffee is taken very seriously in Turkey. Like Italians they take it in small cups but with one little extra vibrant element that makes an immersive and strong experience to it. And that is colorful cups.  Another interesting thing about it is the way they make their coffee. They left their coffee to sit on the heat for some extra time. Some people brew their coffee with sugar.

  1. Germany

Germans also have strong bond to coffee but with some different point of views. They consume all kinds of coffee products in different situations, from vending machine to café bars. From weak to strong, and they are not very sensitive about the type and time. Some may say that Germans beer but they drink coffee more than beer and they export more coffee than United States. As the famous brands of coffee are wide spread in the world it can attest this theory that Germans have had a long bond to coffee industry

  1. Armenia

Finely grounded coffee brewed similarly like Turkish in “Jezzve”. Coffee is a routine drink in Armenia even for short talks friends get together drink their coffee and go. Maybe one of the shortest gatherings in the café belongs to Armenians. Normally they served more than couple of cups a day during the working breaks, after the meals and that makes it bit different from other people around the world. Coffee is like all day drink in Armenia

  1. Japan

It is surprising to have Japan in our list. You ought to know Japanese have strong culture in drinking other drinks and that has affected coffee treats in the Japan too. They are also famous for different flavors and roasting methods. Japanese are the third coffee importers in the world and they are so preen oneself on the way they make their coffee. Japan can make all the coffee lovers enjoy their travel there.